Vancouver-based indie electro-pop solo artist Nashlyn blends together her singer-songwriter origins and her budding love of music production in her debut EP 'Work it Out.' As a multi-instrumentalist, Nashlyn entertains on stage by drifting between instruments from electric guitar to synthesizer triggers and live vocal manipulation.


This project began in January 2017 when Nashlyn decided it was time to do something with her home studio demos. With some production help from friend Kevin Maher (Fake Shark, Hannah Georgas, Louise Burns), she finished mixing and mastering the EP before setting out on multiple small tours.


She has now played 20+ shows across Canada opening for the likes of Adaline, and Lydia Ainsworth, as well as showcases at Rifflandia and Canadian Music Week.


After hitting #40 on the Top 50 National earshot charts, and having the highest spins on Stingray's Canadian Indie playlist for 16 weeks, Nashlyn is now preparing for her debut full-length album.